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    I have a 2001 Denford Mico Router and have no machine link cable. I'm trying to complete the machine package for resale but can't buy one anywhere. Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by User_123 View Post
    I have a 2001 Denford Mico Router and have no machine link cable. I've tried soldering my own following the BI01812GG part drawing but this has failed to work. Any suggestions?
    Hi and welcome to the forum Stuart. What problems are you having can you put a link to the the cable you are trying to make. I think there are a few people on here with Denfords.
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    Just how have you soldered the lead - some systems will require more than 3 wires connected.
    Depending on the system you can make the extra connections at one end but you really need to know just what is expected or failing that get a lead with all connections made.


    This link has what is required including links inside plugs.

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    Hi Clive & Peter,

    I know very little about electronics so I'm unable to solder my own cable. I could try and find someone who will though. Could you provide more info about the pin connections?

    Many Thanks
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    I've soldered the cable following this exact drawing: http://www.denfordata.com/bb/download/file.php?id=1263 - the same that you've highlighted, Peter. What do you mean by 3 wires?
    A serial link will work with just 3 wires (but not all links) they are TX,RX & common: pins would be 2,3,7 in a D25 setup .
    Now you need to say what com port is on your pc as there are 25 pin and 9 pin (also there can be a parallel port that has 25 pins) So are you sure you are not plugging into the PP?

    Have you done a continuity check between the pins on the plugs to see if you have any shorts etc.

    I don't know your Denstep card a pic. of the system might help.

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    As Clive has said serial can work with just the 3 wires BUT it all depends on what is sending the signals and what is receiving them as to what connections are needed.
    Does your Denford machine have a 25 pin input or as you alluded to a 9 pin to 9 pin lead has it a 9 pin input.
    As you are finding out the whole rs232 saga is one of trial and error, in the past when I was involved with such things I collected a selection of leads and adaptors just so that you could get the 2 parts to communicate with each other - then you could get a lead or make one.
    I was never sure whether the manufacturer tried to keep things secret or they just didn't know themselves!

    These days things are much easier now that the rs232 has gone (mostly) by the way.

    Just as a thought have you checked the controller PC that it has the right port enabled as some require them to be enabled in the bios(if memory serves)


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    How do you check that the PC has the right port enabled? It only has three ports; 9 pin male (connecting to Denford), 9 pin female (connecting to screen) and parallel port (not used). I need to make sure the PC is right for the machine!

    Thanks for your help but I think I'll just resale the machine and computer without the cable. My knowledge of electronics is too limited.

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    How do you check that the PC has the right port enabled? It only has three ports; 9 pin male (connecting to Denford), 9 pin female (connecting to screen) and parallel port (not used).
    Stuart I don't think you have a 9 pin port to your monitor that is most likely VGA 15 pins.

    I am not saying connect different to the drawing. I was trying to point out that besides the pins 2,3,7 there are other pins for handshaking etc.

    The pc would normally have the port enable by default. But you could check in the bios to be sure.

    Are you sure you are not getting mixed up with the pin numbering as you have a female on the pc

    Did you look at this link by Peter http://www.denfordata.com/bb/viewtop...BI01812A#p8630 But I see you have posted there.

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    Have a read of this - shows some of the headaches with RS232


    Also shows the internal links required for null modem!


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    Denford will sell you one, call them

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