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    Chris, rather belatedly looking at this now, sorry (got to learn 360 first though, hoping that as I use Geomagic it won't be too steep a learning curve!!) have managed to log into the project but a little daunted!!


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    Hi Neil

    No worries. I have taken backups of everything in the Telecaster Project folder, so you can tinker with impunity.

    If you want to just try creating toolpaths by all means use the neck model for that or to practice modeling the raw sketch is waiting in the Tele Body.

    I've also created a neck profile sanding block and a copy of the dot inlays model from the Jaguar project (been working on the neck today getting it ready for a scary bit of drilling).

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    Looks like I've got to tinker with my laptop as it won't open the model in Fusion, it's telling me it can't find the QT platform for windows.....or something!


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    Hopefully you have your Fusion 360 install sorted Neil.

    Here's some more progress on the neck:

    I've also put the dot inlay and profile board CAD and CAM in the project folder - hopefully you can see them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Washout View Post
    Hopefully you have your Fusion 360 install sorted Neil.
    Not yet, uninstalled it ready to reinstall and now Windows has gone and done done a bl**dy update and now my WiFi doesn't**dy Microsoft
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    Next part of the Telecaster build is up and this time dealing with some walnut inserts on the neck:

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    Posted the next part of the Telecaster project - this time its a tutorial/walk through of Fusion 360 CAD for the body:

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    Hoping to join in on the fun here. Recently got my homebuilt CNC up and running and am looking for a good project to run it through the paces!

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    Id like to jump into this build. Can I get a copy or access to the Fusion files?

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