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  1. Cheers Chris,

    Not sure I could bring all that much to the party body and neck wise, but maybe inlays, or a badge of some sort? Perhaps the pick-ups? I mention those as I'm currently making a set of 10 prototype Rosewood P90's for a local builder, pics and vid of an earlier effort below. I could always ask if he'd wind you a custom built set if you wanted to go off the beaten track - might be a bit cheeky but he's going to be dabbling in CNC himself at some point next year - I've already had the thought that you might make a good contact for him regarding learning about the machine and a solid introduction to CNC guitar making...

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    Hi Wal,

    That might be an idea - I was going to go with some kind of vintage Fender reissue pickup in the bridge (the original guitar I'm copying is a '62) and a '57 PAF re-issue in the neck, but if I can get closer to "vintage" by going custom that might be worthwhile.

    No problems on me helping your mate out with guitar CNC'ing - I try to respond to any questions on my YouTube channel the day they're posted and get some PM's etc as well - happy to help people get inspired to build/buy/learn CNC.


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    First of the videos for this project - intro and CAd for the neck in Fusion 360:

    I have also done most of the CAM apart from working out final workholding and indexing for the doublesided nature. For those with access to the model - have a look and see what you think.

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    Bugger.....been meaning to start up Fusion but life (grandson most recently) keeps getting in the way....myst try harder (sounds like my school reports!!!) sorry Chris........

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    No worries Neil,

    I'll be starting on the body soon, but there will be two versions - one with the standard single coils and then the Andy Summers variant, with the extra routing plus humbucker.

  6. Looking good Chris..! Very neat bit of modelling there.


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    Thanks Wal

    I should have the CAM video up soon, but have a cockpit project vid before that and I got an Oculus Rift a couple of weeks ago and that has been keeping me "immersed".

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    Video showing the CAM process fro the neck is up:

    @Neil and Lee - I haven't tested the toolpaths yet, so beware.

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    Merry Christmas all,

    I got some time on the machine and for video editing. Here is the test machining and I'm glad I did this as there were a couple of issues (for the next video) that needed solving before machining in real wood:

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    Next part of the build - fixing a CAD problem in Fusion 360 and then cutting it out in maple:

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