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    Oh thread has brought the handbags out....

    Right, what I meant when I asked Neale to comment on my machines, I meant my milling machines. (if i had meant the Sigma, I would have specified..."..your thoughts on the Sigma")

    Lets be clear. There are hobby machines and then there are prosumer machines in the 3D world. The Sigma is squarely in the prosumer range. What you get with it is, an open source platform, a dealer network, my company's support etc etc. This means that should your printer have issues there is someone you can pick up the phone and chat to about it.

    Open source unfortunately many times also means that your only tech support is through a users forum. That is fine for a low cost machine but if you are a pro, like some of my customers, you need the services a pro machine comes with as standard.

    Lee, thanks for the support. I will try and help as much as time allows with the 3DP community on the site.
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    Sorry, George - I misunderstood, and then started a classic forum debate where everyone is arguing about something slightly different!

    I'm afraid that I didn't look at the milling machine at Bristol, and I don't remember even seeing it. My reaction to the pictures above is that it looks like a nice little machine, and does not have one of my pet hates, a round column with loss of registration as soon as you raise/lower the head. I lived with a machine like that for years; its replacement has a proper knee on dovetail slides. For a bench-top machine, dovetail slides on the column are fine.

    I guess that this is going up against the Sieg and similar machines and I can't really make any intelligent comments without a good look in the flesh. Looks like something that I might consider if I were in the market for this size machine.

  3. So the Sigma machine.
    What deal can you do over what Cutwel are offering ?
    John S -

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    I am nowhere near as big as Cutwel so my offering would be very limited. The prices we are keeping at the moment are based on the better Euro/GBP rate as established in April. With the current rates both me and Cutwel have a very slim margin, mine being the much slimmer. We are expecting the next batch to arrive this coming week and have already presold a thrid of the order, so to be honest there is not much need for me to discount in order to win business.

    That said, I can offer a discount, if payment is by BACS or cash, to forum members as a means of giving back to the community. Those interested, please PM me for details.

    If there are more people that are interested in purchasing a Sigma, I may be able to put in a larger order meaning I can potentially pass on a better discount.

    Stocking more goodies than just Smoothsteppers

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