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    We have recently purchased an C-Tek KM 100D from U.K made in Taiwan

    Its Serial Number is : 9008047 made in year 2002

    Unfortunately,we could not find the machine manuals with the machine.

    In order to get its electrical connection done, we need voltage requirements ( 440V OR 220V)

    Please confirm its voltage requirement??


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    Sorry, not familiar with this machine.
    The only thing i could find is an online manual in Turkish!
    I think it's more for the controller, but might be of some use if you can get it translated.



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    The company who you bought it from should have given you that information. If it is a UK machine it will be standard Uk 3 phase 415v plus or minus what ever the percentage voltage tolerance is. I strongly suggest you get this verified by someone qualified.

    The manuals for these machines do not come in a hard copy, they come as pdf manuals. If you PM me your Email address i will send you a copy of all 3 of them. I went to a local stationary shop and got them to print them out so i had a hard copy for easy access.

    Kind regards,


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    The main dealer for these machines in the Uk is Tph machine tools. I'm sure i have seen one of these for sale via another dealer. Was it a private sale or from this other dealer? I will warn you though, the manuals are in Chinglish and really not very good at all even if you do understand chinglish, very badly written and not very informative at all.

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