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    That's why I'm moving to UCCNC....
    I bought a Mach4 license two years ago, but haven't even looked at it in over a year. Probably another 4-5 years until it's completely finished. Maybe...
    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

    JointCAM - CAM for Woodworking Joints

  2. Yeah, linuxcnc not an option here I'm afraid - too much in the CSMIO controller and they don't support Linux
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  3. After hitting the problem today with both G28 and G53 moves, I switched to single block and stepped it, it triggered at the M6 command.

    Next i pulled the M6macros out and it worked ok (to that point), a coffee and a sit-down with the macro open showed the problem. It was connected with the screen-set and the M6Start macro, a variable and DRO called "Clearance Plane" - this is used in the 2010 screen-set tool-change routines.

    But as I cannot use them on the Bridgeport and do not need them due to the fixed length tooling, the already edited M6Start macro was still using the values and trying to send the Z to a position beyond home when triggered - the system said no and triggered the soft limit.

    This is why the code always ran fine as a single-tool job - the first line in the M6Start skips the routine if the current tool = selected tool so the dodgy code was never hit :)

    I have now edited the M6Start to remove all references to clearance planes, offsets etc and just issue a straight G53 G0 Z0 style home move.

    The code i was struggling with has now been air-cut 6 times with 100% success.

    Thanks for all the tips.
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    I've just set up all the auto tool change stuff in your screenset and it wasn't working, just sat there waiting for me to press start again without doing the move to tool change position and then the probing....just been looking into why and just come across this so will see what version of Mach I'm using.

    Neil, email me if your having issues with the screenset and I should be able to find out what's causing your issues.
    UCCNC 2017 Screenset

    Mach3 2010 Screenset

    JointCAM - CAM for Woodworking Joints

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    Looks like I've stumbled into the same issue. I'm running (I think) .066 with a CSMIO-IP/M. I've been writing some tool height/tool change macros plus doing a bit of screen editing. I wanted an excuse to have a fiddle with the code and this looked like a nice little project. I freely acknowledge that a lot of it is based on various sources found on the web for tool-height setting. Basic Z height setting works fine - double-touch and everything, and based on the CS-Labs M31 macro. Under ideal conditions, repeatable to within a microstep or two even with some random rapids thrown in between measurements. On to "initial tool setting" - sets Z height in usual way, then touches off fixed touchpad to establish a reference. After a few problems involving work/machine coordinate settings, this seems pretty solid. Then the tool-change height setting, which just uses the fixed touchplate slotted in between m6start and m6end. I'm now seeing the soft limits issue, plus ePid errors.

    Sounds like first thing to try is drop back to .028 - but I can't find anywhere to download it? Is there a standard place to go for this?


    Edit - found it eventually. Hadn't thought of looking in Mach3 ftp download area before!
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    You found the link before I could send it this morning. Shamefully I've still not rolled mine back, been using the simple zero and just doing one op at a time. Let me know how you get on and if it solves your issues. When the machine has a slack period I'll back up the files and roll it back...

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    Thanks, Neil - as ever, asking the question helped me find the answer!

    Quick answer is that upgrading to the older version has fixed the problem, as far as I can tell. I've done a few tests, including air cuts of a previous job, and all goes well. Anyway, well enough for me to find a bug or two in my code. If you save the fixed touchplate height in one macro, then it makes sense to use the same variable in the next macro. Fortunately, e-stop saved my bacon and another hole in the bed. I've tweaked the 1024 screen to replace a couple of things in the tool offset area with new buttons that execute my new macros; the first picks up the movable touchplate of the surface of the work in the usual way then goes off to find the relative height of the fixed touchplate and the second is used for subsequent tool changes by setting off the fixed touchplate. Nowt very original but it's quite satisfying to have done it, and I've learnt a fair bit about macros in Mach3 and the need for a short pause after certain operations, for example. All the code uses the native IP/M probing functions rather than G31. I've tested this with tool changes while running real gcode so it seems to work correctly with the M6 macros. Happy to share code if you're interested, on a strict YMMV basis!

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    That's good to know, cheers Neale. I'm using Gerry's 2010 screenset so the macros you've done are already in it. Always fancied having a dabble at macros but I'm not a natural coder and am always time poor....

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