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    If your dust extractor is the type with an exhaust (like a CamVac) you can reduce the noise with a fan silencer:
    Used by people with indoor "grow rooms" who don't want to disturb the neighbours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grambot View Post
    Great video Washout, with a lot of detail for someone like me to learn from, I'm watching more of your series now! I'll also be using hardwoods. Where do you source your timber? I'm going to need some quite large blocks to work with.
    Hi Grambot, glad you're finding the videos useful - there's more of those to come.

    For guitar body blanks I'm using - they're not the cheapest, but the blanks do come jointed, planed to thickness and part sanded. Service was also good.

    For necks I went to - they supplied nice maple blanks at a reasonable price, but their communications could be better (I tried and failed to get a pair of custom sized body blanks and no email response to enquiries). Delivery of the stated stock sizes was fine with no problems.

    For the rosewood fretboards I went to ebay - seller was Tonewood1982 - nice wood (although you can't get the really dark stuff purists crave these days for normal money) and the transaction was painless. The rosewood machined beautifully.

    Hope that helps and if you have any other suppliers please share, as I'm always looking out for others.
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    I am sure Dean will make you a nice machine and the Washout series of videos are inspirational. As he said, hardwoods are much better to machine than softwood. I would say you mainly need only to take care for evacuating the dangerous fine dust then. So even a low power solution will be ok. Just saw at ebay uk there a lot of second hand dust and chip collectors, from the silent ones for 50-70 gbp only. Put that on top of a barrel and you simplify much things. And add the silencer and you are done there.
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    Used by people with indoor "grow rooms" who don't want to disturb the neighbours!
    Thanks NB70, that made me laugh

    Washout, I've noticed in the past, and I recently ordered some ebony from them, yet to see what it looks like. I've ordered thin birch ply from eBay twice, first time it was too warped and sent back. Second try/company it was very nice.

    I need to find a good source for blocks of timber. Thinking of salvaging from old scrap furniture? A sturdy door or thick table top would do very nicely.

    Boyan, yes, thanks for the suggesting Dean to me in the first place, and for all of your advice!
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    Washout, the ebony likes like good quality, not planed flat - there's prominent saw marks, but it is 0.5mm thicker than stated. I'm going to get seem Sapele from here:

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