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    Hi this might sound a bit odd but im struggling to find a cutter that suites my job.

    I ideally need a 30-40mm dia with 5mm radius on tip something like a spoil board cutter but with radius.

    Does anyone have a clue where i could get one or I may have to hunt down a company that make spindle moulder cutter as get a custom one. This is for use on wood and i need fast area clearing with a 5mm rad.



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    Buy a couple of this one 1/2" shaft and 2" diameter. Its dirt cheap for what it is. You could easily modify the corners yourself. Or let somebody grind it for you. basically you have to round them, take same amount from the back support.

    And sharpening and resharpening could not be easier on this bit using 600 and 1000 grit diamond plate.
    There are cheap plates, a bit more expensive plates and there are better expensive plates. Which both work. Here is the how to video

    Anyway, the keyword is "bottom cleaning bit" . That's how the Chinese call them.
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    thanks they look perfect just a pity they will take so long to arrive. Ill buy a few.

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    Wealden have a cutter with a round edge - they don't state what the radius is - ring them up


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    Quote Originally Posted by ptjw7uk View Post
    Wealden have a cutter with a round edge - they don't state what the radius is - ring them up

    its a real shame they are 3mm just a bit on the small side but otherwise perfect.

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