1. I used to post on here as compositepro

    unfortunately i cant remeber my password and dont have the old email either which was my username @btinternet

    is it possible to get my old username back without my email

    reason im posting is i have a very very nice solid reliable 2 ton industrial machine for not a lot of money , well lets say you cant buy a big manual lathe that hasnt been flogged to death and back again for the same capacity or accuracy as this and would rather let someone have it ere have a chance at it

    a dealer would buy it then stick a premium on it and try and get a few k profit so

    so i didnt want anyone thinking i had just joined to hawk my shit
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    Hi Mike,

    Yes its very much possible to get your old username back.

    I have merged both your accounts and you should start using that username (compositepro) from now on.

    All data from the original "compositepro" account has been kept.

    Your password hasn't changed, so it will be the password you used for the newer "mmcengineer" account you recently opened.

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  4. Lee thanks for fixing that ;-)

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