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    Hoping someone in England might have these. Have a job needing this thread,just not available in the states.

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    I can not directly help, but
    Failing being able to get an original replacement,
    I would also speak To Fred Lee @ https://www.aliexpress.com/store/314742.. he makes Ball screws etc. Nice chap to work with and you never know your luck.


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    The title is a little miss leading. The leadscrew is actually a cylinder with threads on it. It rides on the spindle input side. Right in front of the collet release lever. The chaser is mounted on a arm that comes down and contacts the leadscrew. I just won this auction. It has blank leadscrews so I can make my leadscrew. But I do need the brass chaser. SteveName:  chaser.jpg
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    Hi Paul
    Have a look here

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