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    Hi everyone, I have a spare 2.2kw spindle with the VFD and mount and cable for sale, it is 100mm diameter and heavier than the standard ones you find in ebay, supposedly it is more rigid and better than the cheaper ones:


    I used it lightly and was able to successfully mill aluminium, mild steel very lightly ( didn't test it much sorry) , wood (MDF) and plastic (Acrylic).

    please see it in action here :

    I already acquired a different spindle so although it was working well I don't need it anymore, it is lightly used and would be shame to let it sit in storage.

    If interested please let me know and we can negotiate the price and all.

  2. I might be interested could you PM me what you want for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHarris View Post
    I might be interested could you PM me what you want for it.

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