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    I'm having a real hard time trying to source finishing media in the UK (green pyramids/triangles etc). I can find plenty of sources in the U.S. but I don't want to mess about with import duty and extortionate P&P charges. I feel like I'm missing a trick - Do we not do vibratory/tumbler finishing in this country or something? Would be grateful if someone here could enlighten me on the subject.


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    Wal On the forum here made a tumbler not sure where he got the media from though.
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    I purchased some small ceramic triangles from Moleroda, I use them on aluminium for a pre anodising finish.


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    I've just bought some from Moleroda (www.moleroda.com or they sell on ebay).
    Charmic is another supplier, but I took the lazy option of just using Moleroda's online shop.
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  5. Thanks m_c. I took a look on moleroda's site but couldn't find suitable media for aluminium, small enough for my application. I'll check out Sharmic (which I guess is what you meant by Charmic) ;-)


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    That'll be the one!
    I'm sure Moleroda stock far more than what's shown on their website, as the Rosler consumable range is quite extensive, and I'd guess they only list the more common options online.
    Probably best to email or call them.
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  7. You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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