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    Does anybody have ANY information about the Sirel / MAC F9306B spindle driver pinout?
    I considered using my MAC driver (same as Sirel F9306B) for a while before i decided for a replacement driver motor combination With my CSMIO/TP-S Controller.
    I know how it was Connected to the old processor unit, but not quite sure if it will be compatible With the CSMIO Controller.
    Haven`t got the foggiest idea about the pinout definitions on the old Mac Controller, but here is a draft of how it was set up previously.
    Output to motor(Parker RS520GR1000) is 20.7 to 107VDC.
    I have not idea about the meaning of abbreviations CB-B, VAL, -DOK, +DOK or VB(second channel B?).
    I do however believe 0 to be 0V in association with +12V and -12V... in think..

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    Any good ideas or tips?


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