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    In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to buy a new lathe (esp when the local lathe retailer won't even give a token discount for cash... yet he's sells them for the same price to Ebay buyers where he incurs paypal, Ebay fees etc ....it's a a stance that - frankly - gets on my t1ts!)

    So I 'gots me a lathe' off via well known auction forum...


    sure, it's a little rusty. Sure, it's in bits. Sure, it's missing a chuck (anyone got one they can sell me?). Sure, the speed control board is bust (anyone got a schematic, cos I'm sure as hell not buying a replacement?!) ...but hey ...IT'S A LATHE!

    'Turn' on. :twisted:

    (and at 37KG gross, I can just about think about asking my wife to haul it up through my loft hatch - but hey, don't tell the H&S execs!)
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