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    I've got a sewing machine clutch motor and I want to use it on a small lathe. As I understand the motor is a 3 phase 2 pole one. But what is the 6V 15-20W input for?

    Any help is really appreciated.

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    Maybe it is to operate the clutch?

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    The clutch is mechanical operated.

    The 6V is mentioned on the nameplate as START something... But why and how needs a 3ph motor a start winding? The motor has attached a pretty heavy flywheel on the clutch end. Does this need some sort of softstart achieved with the 6V somehow?

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    Start torque of the motor is 320 something.
    Going by the connector, I'd say the 6V is more likely to be an output.
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    6v is for a lamp
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    ooh, lamp it is (was). Now it makes sense.

    Thanks for clarification.

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