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    The movement of the axis is free - I attached the ballscrew nut to the Z-axis earlier today (just uploading the pictures, and then I'll write it up). There is a small amount of play, but I've not put in all the bolts, and of the ones that are in, not all are tight (I think only 8 are tight, and there's 22 in total).

    I know what you mean about the brace; I'll have to see what happens when everything's tight (I do need to put another plate in anyway to push the router vertical; this could be made a triangulation piece).

    Note that I'm considering that axis the Y axis (based on the previous version and the orientation of the computer models I've made).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    You call that axis whatever you like made it so you get to name it My X has an X on the back so I don't forget lol .......I'm going to figure how to mark the Y :naughty:
    Ahh - excellent.

    The axes are now "Jim", "Fred" and "Shiela".
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    You might want to fix the Mondeo, or fit a tent to the Aeon; heavy rain forecast for the rest of the weekend!

    I'm kidding - about the tent!

    You know -- the more of this you blog, the more we all want to see Jim Fred & Shelia do their thing!!

    who is mighty envious of that wonderful workshop you have.:heehee:
    Where the Light was kept during the Dark Ages

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    I'll fix the Mondeo over the weekend; I've got a large gazebo that I used while building the Aeon, and that'll cover me while working on it. The AA guy thinks it's the same problem I had 18 months ago, except the other side (which is lucky, because I bought a pair of 2nd hand drive shafts at the time, and I didn't get around to using that side).

    If I can't find the shaft, then I'll have to see what the weather's doing next week; I'm not working on it over the weekend (it's 60 miles away).

    It's also not my workshop (which is a shame), but they do have a large amount of steel which I can just pick and choose (the 1500mm lengths of 80mm box section I'm using were described as "offcuts"). And their welders are much better than mine.

    I do have a better selection of smaller nuts and bolts though. And especially washers, of which I've only found 4 M8 ones in their entire collection.

    Monday I should be wiring it, and Tuesday they should be moving around with any luck...

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    Hi, me again, from soggy wet Carickfergus.

    I am amazed at how quickly this is taking shape! and such a monster too. 7ft x 5ft

    How free was the gantry to move pushing it at the point where the ball nut is attached? I can't help think you might need another drive screw on the other side ...
    It's that dreaded turning moment thing again. and the far gantry is (what?) 1.5m over.

    What a busy life you have!! Building CNC Routers, fixing Mondeos, family ...

    We are really enjoying this blog.

    Ye'll sooon be suukin deezal - keep 'er lit there bi

    Where the Light was kept during the Dark Ages

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    (I'm going to give everyone a thanks later on)

    It is my second go at it :)

    There is practically no turning play in the beam, and there's only 4 of the 16 bolts screwed into the carriages. The distance between each of the carriages is as high as I could get away with (to assist in reducing turning play). I have a slight thought that there could be some skewing in the steel, but I hope I've used thick enough steel (which was the problem I had in the first version).

    The level of accuracy I need for a car body is not much - 3mm is probably good enough (most kit cars are built from by hand, and they're accurate to around 10mm). My worst case aiming point is 1mm, but theoretically I should be getting 0.0625mm (half-stepping) - the controllers will do 10,000 steps per revolution, so 0.0025mm is the best with the ballscrews I've got.

    My priority at the moment is speed though - the car will be made out of blocks of foam, and if a whole block needs cutting, then I've estimated 1 hour per block for milling. There's about 64 blocks to cut, which means 8 days (although some "blocks" are just thin strips which won't take much time). The original machine we were looking at over 1 day per block.

    Mondeo - I found the other driveshaft this evening when I got back, so it should be fixed tomorrow (probably 3ish hours - that's how long it took me the last time, although most of my tools aren't in my possession [either in the workshop, or at a mate's house]).

    Family - I'm not married, and I don't have any kids, so that doesn't really take up too much time

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    Okay, my 10 days are up - and it works (but needs a bit of tweaking).

    Here's some pictures of it in action, and also the finished test item.

    ETA: Or rather as finished as it could be before the tool fell out (it wasn't in very far into the collet [deliberately to give me some extra length]). That's why the front isn't finished.
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