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    Hi All

    I've been lurking for a while but have decided its time to build or buy a CNC router for my hobby, making musical instruments, I have a old CNC engraver that I am trying to get up and running

    I've worked in engineering all my life (just turned 50) served a apprenticeship as a toolmaker spent about 10 years working as a CNC setter programmer, last twenty years working for CNC machine tool suppliers in the UK in applications type roles

    I'm really impressed with the quality of machines I've seen on this forum and realise I have a lot to learn, hopefully I will be able to contribute as well

    Steve B

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    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum!! There's lots of information for building a CNC router on here as you've seen...get a specification of what you want to cut (apart from everything!!) and how big a cutting area you need (you'll always want a bigger area...) along with the budget you've got and get a drawing knocked up and start a build thread. Don't be afraid to copy others designs, or bits of them, they're all on here for reference and for others to copy.

    All the best!

    Build log...here

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    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum!

    It sounds like you've got lots you can offer the community in return, good luck when you start a build of your own ;-).

    All the best.

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