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    WTF!!! . . . They have been sipping on too much Palinka if they expect to get that for it.! . . . That Kills that then.!
    Well I hope that the kit I bought comes with a motherboard! There is no mention of any additional components needed, as far as I can see, on the CNCdrive website...

    IDC26-DSUB25 female ribbon cable assembly L=250mm (to use with the UC300-5LPT) (x1): 3.5 EUR

    [BRK0003] HDBB2 breakout board (x1): 50 EUR

    UCCNC software + UC300ETH-5LPT ethernet motion controller bundle package (x1): 175 EUR

    Total: 228.5 EUR

    Hhahaha! You're gonna slay me if I goofed up!

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    The 5LPT is the motherboard, so yes, it should come with one.
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    Thanks Gerry! Phew! I would have been toast man! Hahha!

    Bearing in mind that I bought this with their own breakout board (not the cheapest at 50euro) it's really not too bad... comparable to the SS purchase price here in the UK...

    I got their BOB because I just don't want any problems with compatibility... I have enough hurdles to consider electronic/electrics wise what with connecting up the drivers/motors correctly without avoidable communication problems.
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    without avoidable communication problems.
    Of course that may be a problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by clive s View Post
    of course that may be a problem

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