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    Say what with the who now!? There are always wheels within wheels with this hobby. How do I pierce at a slope!?

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    Your slot drill is bound to chew up the metal directly below it's centre, it is just something they do. A milling cutter has no cut towards the middle so it can leave a fine finish below. They all have their tricks.

    However a milling cutter can only plunge vertically so far before it's non-cutting middle bottoms out, so you have to move sideways as you move downwards to remove that middle.

    Well, either that or restrict your Z travel to what it can manage

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    Ah, I always climb into the cut so I should be able to end-mill. But I thought a slot-mill and an end-mill were essentially the same things these days? How would I know I was buying a true end-mill that gave me a smooth bottom. So to speak.

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    You "pierce at a slope" by using the ramped or spiral lead-in options in your CAM package.

    Clods have muddied the water on cutter nomenclature but there are always centre-cutting and non centre-cutting tools, Slot Drill used to refer to a centre-cutting tool capable of plunging (Drilling) and End Mill to a non centre cutting tool,

    - Nick
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Ah, Ok, so I want a non centre-cutting mill to achieve a good finish on my bottom? The terminology seems a bit weird to me as a thing that cuts a 'slot' I would have assumed to be good at cutting on the side (slots have walls), rather than the end, while the 'end' mill sounds as though it _should_ be good at cutting on the end. But I suppose it is good at 'milling' on the end, rather than 'cutting'? Bugrit, I'll stick with centre-cutting or non centre-cutting, that's at least a single term that can be positive or negative to conjure with.
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