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    Quote Originally Posted by m_c View Post
    a bullshit excuse... if the forum takes that much effort from you to run, then you really want to reconsider running it.
    Oh dear, I think m_c has forgotten to take his meds

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    I would certainly be posting more frequently if it wasn't clear that informative posts Jazz and I made a few years ago did disappear.

    Have times changed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by m_c View Post
    Oh, I must of touched a nerve. :-)
    You seem to forget I know exactly how vB works, and I'd hazard a guess you actually did delete the original posts, and then when you got called out for it, you reinstated them along with a bullshit excuse. Why else would of even selected the posts in the first place?
    And if the forum takes that much effort from you to run, then you really want to reconsider running it.
    Quite possibly I'm human after all, not a robot. However I think it's me that has hit a nerve.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I would certainly be posting more frequently if it wasn't clear that informative posts Jazz and I made a few years ago did disappear.
    Have times changed?
    Don't forget to mention the bit about being threatened with legal action or the indirect explanation and apology I gave you for not quite dealing with that situation in the best interest of preserving information.

    The forum is 10 years old next year, congratulations.
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    What a load of bollocks
    John S -

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    I know all to well what's involved in running forums (use the term community if you want, but I'm not one for bullshit marketing terms). I've ran various forums over the past 20 years, but I've got other priorities just now.
    The last two forums I ran, one was probably on par size wise with this one, and one that when it was finally shut down, had over 250'000 posts and just under 10'000 registered users.
    Neither of them took a great deal of time to run. Simply check in a couple times a day, have a read of any threads I was interested in, along with any that looked like they might be trouble brewing in. Deal with any issues, which were very rare, and if any action had to be taken, do it and leave a note explaining why. Having posts/threads disappear with no explanation is the number one way to piss off users, and result in things snowballing, just like this thread.
    The most time consuming thing was dealing with backups (although I moved it to a host who done automatic 4x daily backups), clearing out failed spam registrations, and changing things when we decided they needed a make over.

    Ultimately they got shut down because social media took over from forums. The biggest one went from several hundred posts a day, to only a handful in the space of about a year. Lots of forums at the time suffered the same fate.

    So, if this sites takes as much effort as you make out it does, then you really are doing something wrong.

    As for companies threatening legal action, been there, they got told to get lost. You can't be sued for having a justified opinion, and if advertisers weren't happy, then tough. Having a site where people could give their honest opinion is worth far more than advertising.

    Off course, none of that answers my original question.
    Why did you have the posts selected in the first place?
    Rather than give any explanation, instead we've had two rants which totally avoided giving an answer, and my comment about vB, was the fact I know what deletion options are available, and how the default option would allow deleted posts to be reinstated as though it was never there with just a couple clicks. Now you maybe did have a perfectly honest reason for having them selected, but you've thus far failed to give it.

    I would be willing to help you with the site, but as the above demonstrates, when things don't go your way, we get a big rant with toys launched into orbit.
    And for the record, when have you ever actually asked for help running the site?

    If it wasn't for the fact I think this is brilliant site for like minded people who want to share good honest advice, I wouldn't post here.
    I know I've maybe been a bit vocal over some of the things you've done, but reacting the way you have doesn't show you in a good light.
    If I've personally offended you I am sorry, but can we please have a bit more explanation when you do move things around, and a bit less of the ranting when people question why?
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