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    Then along came Maggie and broke the unions, ended open ballots and brought a form of democracy to the unions. By then industrially we were f***ed. (I have mixed feelings about Mrs T!)
    I'm from the part of Yorkshire that was devastated By SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED so don't even Mention Her Name. Not Even in jest or I'll come inject noise into your BOB and let the Magic smoke out of ya drives. .
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    Hi Jazz. Sorry to hi-jack your thread, but I have been sooooo busy over the last year and have deserted the forum. I have tried to start a new thread about my return, but have spent about a fortnight trying to find how to do sop. Anyway I am glad to see that you and hob nobs amongst others are still around. G.

  3. Considering that the only way China is competing is by changing the value of their currency regularly to keep their products below the cost of their competitors on the international level, easy stop buying Chinese where able and elect government that will label them what they are. Only problem with that is you have a generation of idiots that want their toys yesterday from tomorrow. just look at the idiots rioting in the US who DID NOT VOTE. Yet they want to complain.

    The UK has taken the first big step by getting out of one of the biggest blood suckers in the world (the EU bureaucrats in Brussels). So what happens now is going to be interesting as what the game plan was from Davos rules no longer is completely in play. Prepare for a bit of a rough ride for the next three years but it is going to be interesting and how it comes out could be a whole lot better. How to compete, get rid of the huge amount of stupid H&S and taxes that makes industry at any level difficult to do. That would be a good second step.
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    i dont beleve china can keep expanding they way it has,there workers are expecting higher wages and better conditions year on year hence industry moving to poorer regions of the country...i didnt beleve the uk people had the guts to pull out of euorpe and change,with the goverment against what we voted for i cant see it being a smooth for mr trump i hope he changes the states for the better and the model is adopted over here.....we personaly live very hand to mouth atm BUT im happy to pay a little extra for a uk product

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    Bring back colonialism and make Mars part of the British Empire !!

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