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    Hello All
    I have spent the last year building my router in my garage have used these forums to keep me on the right track and did not have a problems that I could not find an answer for on here.
    But with Christmas looming and family and friends asking for things cut I decided to connect my HY vfd to its 2.2kw motor using the 0-10v out on my bob.
    The issue I have is the spindle works fine under manual control from mach3 but when I move any axis in rapid or with a cutting program loaded my spindle slows to a stop it regains speed once these movements have finished, the only time it does not do this is running under reduced jog speed in the software MPG. I hope this is me being stupid and someone can get me up to speed (sorry could not resist the pun).

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    Stick a meter across the 0-10V and see what that says?
    If you're getting voltage drop then it's the output from your BOB so stick the meter across the power supply to the BOB and see what that's doing.

    - Nick
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    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Need more info.

    Parallel port or Motion controller.?
    What spindle speed controller/BOB.?
    What terminals have you connected to on VFD.?

    Pics always help.!
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    Thanks Nick will do that now and see if thats the issue.

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    Thanks Dean
    I have Ess connected to cheap bob similar/same to the ones Emvio Eng recommend.
    This picture shows spindle running 12000rpm 4.14 volts at the vdf connections, so looks to me like the relay is misbehaving ?
    Sorry despite trying for half an hour I cannot get pics to upload, if needed will try from my house later.

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    PS have checked connections FOR-DCM and V1-ACM checked and double checked.
    When rapiding around there is no volt drop.

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    have you set the Pulley ratios.?

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    Pulley no4 max speed 24k ratio 1

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    Have set decel quite high and under mdi stops quick it is the same under jog and program.

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    This might help I am getting 23.5v across the FOR connector on the vdf when I press jog.

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