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    Thanks,your laser machine is out of stock on eBay,what size of cnc machine do you have,can I asked were you got it from.
    There are a few suppliers of the machine I got, just make sure it is shipped from uk or germany, a lot less hassle. The cnc I have is a 1325 machine, will take a full 8x4 sheet with room to spare, machine came from China. Needed some tweaking and the DSP Controller blew up out of warranty of course, replaced it with a CS-labs controller machine has worked fine other than that, Hefty beast weighs over 2000kg.


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    Happy new year Alboy, so I finally convinced my son to scrap the glowforge laser purchase.They messed him about with missed delivery deadlines and broken promises even though he had bought it back in oct. 2015!!!! . He finally got his money refunded just last week. Anyway, so I'm back in the hunt for a laser that I will put in my car garage next to my 4' x 4' home built cnc. Anyway, I'm enquiring after your laser. is it still working away and if so are you satisfied with is performance still? Any pics of its output would be great.


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    Hi Paul, Happy new year to you also. My machine is still working fine and I have been impressed with it to date. The only issues were a new water pump (£12 from Amazon) and a new lens, just upgraded to a Znse lens. Machine is certainly worth the money, if using a lot,especially during summer months then a chiller like a CW5200 would be needed. I installed an ammeter (£5 from aliexpress) to make sure I didn't over drive the tube amps. Very pleased with the machine so far.


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