1. What is involved in changing from analogue to digital stepper drivers? Any thing onerous.

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    Assuming all the ratings match (i.e. the new driver has adequate current and voltage ratings for the application) you do have to move the wires across...

    I'm using three EM806 digital drivers plus a M752 analogue driver in my current control box and the wiring from CSMIO to digital drivers is identical to the analogue driver. Ditto driver to stepper . Easy job.

    The digital drivers have a "fault" output but you can ignore that if you like. You can also change the "enable" input from active low to active high, but out of the box they are configured to be the same as the analogue drives.

  3. Neale - Thank you. Did you manage to source them in the UK please.

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    Yes, from Zapp a year or two back, taking advantage of their special offer prices. Not sure if it was a Christmas offer - maybe Gary will be doing something this year, as his Black Friday sale has been and gone. The analogue drive was reused from a previous machine; that one's for Z where the requirements are less demanding. I wanted digital drives with stall detect for master-and-slave X and I then matched it for Y.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadhead View Post
    Neale - Thank you. Did you manage to source them in the UK please.
    Not sure if you can get them for a decent price in the UK but AM882 are also good and cheaper than the em806 and used a lot on the forum . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leadshine-...-/311542220031

    you might get them cheaper from aliexpress.
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    I believe that the AM882 is an earlier version than the EM806. JazzCNC, who has probably used more of these things than the rest of us put together, reckons that there ain't much to choose between them. I used the EM because the AM was becoming unavailable at that time in the UK, and there are things that I would rather buy in the UK (from a known supplier) than China.

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    The other version of the AM882 is AM882H which can take 24-58V AC or 36-80V DC But as Neale has pointed out there is not much to pick between the three types. It depends on where you are comfortable to buy from.
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    I just bought some AM882's for $58US from Ebay.
    Some people claim that they are fakes, but they are identical to some I bought more than a year ago from a different seller for $80.
    Perhaps they are all fakes? I don't know how you can tell, but Ebay is flooded with them.
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