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    Many thanks Warwick

    Do you have yours set to spindle, thc on thc up thc down etc etc as these are all the scenarios i am looking at and everyone seems to have a different solution but if you have a hypertherm 45 at least we have this in common...

    As usual sorry about all questions but as you have experienced, it is a pain in the butt and frustrating.....i.e so close yet so far away from a fully working machine.

    Thanks Tommy

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    hi, im using a mill screen at the moment and mine is indeed on plasma screen set just crashed alot and caused problems, i think that i need to reinstall mach ..
    on the mill screen im not getting a torch ok signal so my proma thc isnt working at all,which isnt a bad thing from the performace iv had off the dam thing....
    may have another go at getting it running tommorow...............

    oh and just to kick you a little more while your down!!!! ya compressor needs to be a beast...iv got a brand new italian cheap 12cfm compressor and when cutting 200mm tall letters i was getting one and a half letters before i had to feed hold mach and let the comp catch up........

    cheers woz

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    Skiprat, I'm using the Purelogic Ethernet THC and BOB and Hypertherm 45 on my table. I don't visit here very often, but if you drop me a line by email I'll see if I can help.
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    Hello Warwick

    I bought a 14cfm compressor off ebay from a fellow just down the road as spare or repair.

    Got it home and it wouldnt pump passed about i cleaned it up and tested the motor which was okay.....still wouldnt work ..

    Changed the oil in the compressor which was black as black can be and away she went....never flawed since.

    Basically i got a very cheap belt driven 14cfm compressor and an oil change done the trick.

    Upto now, its powered my whole mancave no problems.

    Cheers Tommy
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    Well slowly getting there.....with help off warwick and Andrew....i have the machine cutting from mach3.

    Andrew sent me a few files which i used and alter to suit my machine which is identical to his i.e purelogic and hypertherm and switching on spindle as warwick mentioned i got a few squares cut.

    I will post a diagram of my pins etc and how its wired up once i have tweaked it just in case someone else wants to scrutinise it.

    Once again many thanks to warwick and Andrew for help on this....

    Cheers Tommy

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    Well....i have it sorted with help from Warwick and Andrew.

    Spindle turned on as Warwick mentioned and Andrew sent me a few files to use and also a few phone calls aswell.

    I tweaked the files to suit my machine and hey presto....a few squares cut.

    I will post my pins, drawings etc of how i wired it just incase any one else wants to scrutinise it.

    Once again many thanks to Warwick and Andrew for help on this problem as i think i would still be twiddling my thumbs without them.

    Cheer Tommy

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    Delighted to have been able to help

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    Hello All

    Rewired the Hypertherm 45 up today and set it away....It now shows the voltage going up and down but still no movement on the z axis.

    Not sure if it is a pins problem or a software problem....I'm getting there but one brick at a time unfortunately.

    Got family coming tomorrow so can't play with it Sunday which is a bummer but there's always next week..

    Ill do some more reading and I have had a few replies from Purelogic which stated i had to use the raw voltage rather than the divided voltage i used previously..

    The metal I have used is 6mm thick and quite flat so not sure if it is not moving because it doesn't need to so I tilted it approx. 10mm one end and when the torch moved towards the high end, the voltage dropped but no movement from the z axis.

    The machine works as should except for this one little problem and I have attached a few photos of my progress up to now.

    Think I will try the software you use to see if that simplifies things.

    Will keep playing until it is sorted.

    TommyClick image for larger version. 

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    Well got it sorted eventually as sent me the most up to date file and also help off Andrew and Woz (again many thanks).

    Must give Purelogic praise as even after buying the items 3+yrs ago, they answered all my queries instantly without delay even though thay are in another time zone and gave me a few pointers aswell. Excellent customer service.

    It now very happy and now on to the free water table build.

    Many thanks to all who helped.

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    Glad you are up and running Neil !

    Tell me, does this give you the screen sets that you originally had, or are you now in the simpler ones that my set up has ?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	THC-Screen.jpg 
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Main-Screen.jpg 
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