Hello Andrew

I always used the version V2 from the beginning trying to be the up to date man in the street which i got from the purelogic website as it stated that both worked with the TH1 we have.

As you know through my questions i couldn't get this to work and with the help of yourself, i used your version which i already had but still no movement.

The firmware wouldn't up date with my V1 so that's when i got in touch with purelogic.

They sent me the most up to date version which we both now have and this updated the firmware when asked and that's when everything started to come together.

I don't think it has anything different to the original one (V1) we have other than it updates the firmware via the web so i can only presume it is hidden in the software somewhere.

I never had mine working with the original V1 like yourself or V2 so unfortunately cant really answer that question as i never really played with the screen sets...sorry.

Basically original V1 and V2 wouldnt work. But...New V1 sent from purelogic (PLCM.zip) worked a treat.?????? not sure why.

Regards Neil