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    Hello all i have completed my cnc build and as stated i have bought a Hypertherm 45 with T45 machine torch.
    I am in the process of adding it to my table and would people recommend a floating head or a static head as weeks of searching google and peoples opinion differ....some are spring loaded, some solid and others hybrid etc etc.

    2nd question is the elctrical connection to my THC from purelogic.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Am i right in stating the connections from the HYPERTHERM going to the PURELOGIC THC are

    Hypertherm Purelogic

    Start (start plasma) = Arc Ok output

    Transfer (start machine) = Torch fire input

    Ground = Ground

    Voltage divder = HVAC output.

    I have bought the T45M and it came with the lead as shown in the photos below and i have a feeling that i will need another cable as this one only has 3 cores even though it shows 2 used.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any thoughts, alterations or comments good or bad welcome.

    Cheers Tommy
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    Back again............done some research and have built a floating head and added it as a probe.
    This works brilliant but i cant seem to get the torch to fire with the cnc bob/thc whichever does it.

    See pictures of update below

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have bought a new plug and connectors / pins and have wired the plug to suit the diagram as requested.

    The machine wont fire from program and i think i must be missing some gcode or macro input as i have tried every conceivable combination of pins and outputs but nothing seems to work.

    I have got the full bought versions of sheetcam and mach3 so these shouldn't be a problem. the post processor i am using is the purelogic with fr one which was one off 7 available and it doesn't tell me which one is the best.

    I have used the independent button to start of arc and cut the following square as seen but i would like to get it to fire via the software / program.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think i am looking too deep into this firing sequence as i have used g31...g28.1 and even the kitchen sink but nothing works.....The purelogic THC uses ethernet to communicate with the bob so i wonder if this has anything to do with it.
    All boards and thc boards show up as requested but when i run the follows the gcode perfectly but no life from the hypertherm....

    Please has anyone got any ideas or comments / insults to be able to help me????

    I have also bought an OHMIC SENSOR for the torch but have not installed it as i think this is a totally different game again with coding.

    Many thanks Tommy.
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    The magnetic base was taken from a magnetic car aerial which was obviously stripped of all plastic bits "and drill through the centre and attached to the torch holder.

    The torch is held with two 1.25- 1.5" BICC cable clamps which fit perfectly around the torch.

    The torch is very "stuck" once attached but also detaches if it comes across an obstruction. There will be a micro switch attached to stop motion in case of a collision but that is to be attached.

    I used this type of magnet so that i have an infinite number of angles to choose from if needed.

    The torch and spindle occupy the same z axis as the is plenty of room on the table for both and i just cover it up when plasma cutting and remove the torch when i router with the spindle.

    Hope this helps anyone if they are looking for ideas.

    Cheers Tommy

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    hi, i only know what iv done on mine and nothing else so im probably not going to be much help..........

    iv used the relay on the bob to trigger a bigger 24v relay to fire the it firing the plasma on mach?.....

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    Hello Warwick....not had it firing from mach yet only from pendant button. I made my own plug as the cheapest i could find was 86 + vat from a uk source for a 6 pin version. I got the plug wire and pins from RS for less than a Tenner so this was a massive saving.
    The lead i made has continuity etc but i think im struggling with the pin outs.
    As the pictures show i have a purelogic THC which is made for the hypertherm 45 and this is connected with an ethernet lead so not real sure what pins i need if any. My floating head has a micro switch on it which i have configured for both Z home and Probe scenarios but nothing happens.
    I think i am missing some code / script as all the ones i have used have worked for finding top of material but i think i am missing the trigger scripts if that's what you want to call them.

    So basically if you have any ideas or could share your scripts etc, i will be very grateful as no doubt, once it works it will be looking at me straight in the eye.

    I do have the RS codes for the leads if anyone wants to make their own and save a massive amount of money instead of buying a hypertherm one.

    Cheers Warwick and thanks for your reply.

    Cheers Tommy
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    hi, iv two micro swithes on my z is machine home..bottom switch on slide is probe.g31 a very kind fella off the forum set up sheet cam to put the gcode into anything it post process's.........

    thc ...havent a clue, im using a proma sd and struggling to get it working well....

    can let you know how my 6 core cable is wired......


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    Hello Warwick...
    The six cores i have wired up with the full 6/7 cores inc ground so same as you, i have all avenues covered.

    Just the gcode and scripts is what i am struggling with.

    Scoured the internet and cant find a dummies guide to floating heads etc as they all have different pin out names etc.

    The proma you have, has quite a few explanations online with pictures but mine has none or very few with minimal explanation.

    I would like a schematic of someone else's to scrutinise and once i have mine working, i will post mine on line with pictures for other people to look at as a picture tells a great story if you know what i mean.

    I will keep experimenting untill i get the thing working....LOL

    Cheers Tommy

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    its a very lonely place is the plasma section on any forum!!!!!`
    the web is a nightmare for conflicting thoughts and nobody really posts the outcome of all the problems you are going through....

    ill sort out the pins i have used and let you know.....

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