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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Look for product called Trespa Athlon.
    It's Resin based fibre board that is very muck like Pnenolic board but with laminate face. Completely resistant to moisture, chemicals, heat. It's used in place like swimming cubicles, counters for Labs etc.
    It can even be drilled an tapped. I use it for Spoil board on my own machine which is constantly covered in cutting fluid. All work is help down by drilling and tapping directly into it or by clamping using holes tapped into it.

    Not cheap but extremely resistant and tuff stuff. Nothing better for bed IME.

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    The stuff Boyan and I were talking about is Tufnol 1P13 like as here They do all sorts of engineering plastics.


    Boyan pulled up the link just afore me.
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    Thanks, would you say a 12mm thick sheet will be rigid enough for my application?

    I had a look at this Trespa Athlon stuff and it's not cheap or easy to come by so I'll pass on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mondrota View Post
    I had a look at this Trespa Athlon stuff and it's not cheap or easy to come by so I'll pass on that.
    That's because you don't know where to go asking.? Try Local Sheet supplier or Shop fitting company and think you'll find they have offcuts which will do what you need. Comes in large sheet sizes 12' x 6' so often have big offcuts.

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    Trespa Athlon is exactly the same i was saying plus thin melamine both sides.In fact its exactly what i am using, i told you - McDonald doors Its paper/wood phenolic. because of the melamine could be e bit more expensive than the ones i pointed to.

    Though in my experience with laminates, there are 2 more varieties that are looking same as phenolic but they suck water and dont resist so much as it. So i assume that the Trespa Athlon that for sure is phenolic will be the "fire retardant version"

    So why you just dont go with the Tufnol 1P13 which is most accessible as price.

    And No, it will NOT be rigid enough. Whatever sheet you use apart from steel or aluminum will not be rigid enough that size 15mm . It must be combined on top of sth else.

    Decorative high-pressure compact laminates according to EN 438-4:2005 of thicknesses of 6 mm (± 1/4 in) or greater for indoor applications. Sheets consisting of layers of wood-based fibres (paper and/or wood)
    impregnated with thermosetting resins and surface layer(s) on one or both sides, having decorative colours or designs. The surface layers are impregnated with melamine based resins. These components are bonded
    together with simultaneous application of heat (≥ 150° C / ≥ 302° F) and high specific pressure (> 7 MPa) to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density and integral decorative surface. They
    are available in the Standard grade (CGS) and in the Fire-Retardant grade (CGF).
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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Or go to you r local superstore or airport and steal a toilet door .. As Dean said, think where they could have it. Your best bet is kitchen fitters, they have rests this size from even better and thicker materials. Dont you have an industrial zone there? Look at their trash, ask around. Also any junkyard this could be had for next to nothing
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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Thanks for all your input, I'll see how I get on and will keep you informed.

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    I've been looking for the trespa Athlon stuff, I was quoted £90 plus VAT for a bloody off cut 600x400.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean jeffery View Post
    I've been looking for the trespa Athlon stuff, I was quoted £90 plus VAT for a bloody off cut 600x400.
    I'll drop you some off over Xmas.

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