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    Well I spoke to jazzcnc today and done some quick thinking.

    I think I will just add digital readouts to my crappy Clarke CMD10 to make life simpler and save for the cc-f1200 HS with 7500 rpm.

    Sent from my phone so mind the autocorrect.
    Have you read the specs. ( re-adjustable free of play trapezoid screws in all axes ) no ball screws and only max 600mm/min rapids

    edit I see that they are optional extra for about 1000
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    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    OK, no not re-read it since I spoke to jazzcnc but yes ball screws are a must. I'll stick with the manual machine and look into the CNC later.

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    Sent you a PM sparkylabs, may be of interest ;)

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    Is that the one you sent this morning yes read it. Else it's Tapatalk playing up.

    Sent from my phone so mind the autocorrect.

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    Yep, just the one ;)

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    OK. Well I'm still not sure which way to go and had a good chat with jazzcnc this morning which was most helpful. I think if I put DRO's on my current manual mill it will make it useable for prototyping while I learn more about machining and CNC and save up and then buy something decent if it makes sense for light manufacturing.

    Sent from my phone so mind the autocorrect.

  7. Longer spent evaluating and planning is rarely lost time.
    There's a huge range of things that a decent DRO with multiple zeros renders relatively simple on a manual mill.
    Life is a learning and growing experience.

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    Well my whole looking into a CNC mill started with my frustration over the manual machine I use. I looked at DRO's but it became apparent that for some you can start spending hundreds of pounds although I'm a bit confused about the claims of you been able to cut an arc or circle with one of these, typically the ones on eBay have this claim.

    So I didn't want to spend lots of money on the current machine knowing that I will outgrow it and started looking at just getting a CNC. A work colleague found me the proxxon unit however this has turned out to be a bit of a Schrodinger's cat as while the mill exists or apparently exists I will never know if the CNC version exists until I try to order one and see if it actually turns up. My first attempt at getting a quote got me a quote for a manual machine twice in fact this happened. And from this discussion it is clear that there is far more to this than I had realised so I should probably learn about what the hell I am doing and the equipment before buying something that turns out to be no good. I can only but spend the money once.

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