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    Grandchildren are better than children. You love them, have fun with them. Teach them the dark arts of dismantling to show them how things work etc... Then when they are tired, hungry or need a nappy change - you just hand them back to mummy or daddy. When you have paid your dues of parenting your own children, they owe it to you.

    Happy New Year to all of you !

    Albert Einstein may have been a genius, but his brother Frank, was a monster

    Having just moved to Windows 10 (which is crap) My stress levels are through the roof !!!

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    dro form my myford lathe all fitted today and working great

    present to my self
    syil x4 plus ordering next week with rota grip quick change tooling
    happy days

  3. A wonderful Thermos mug to hold coffee in from the XYL (wife for those who are not associated with amateur radio). That and a Delta 3D printer to play with as I design and build a bigger one as some clients want items printed for prototypes and they are the paying type of clients so away we go.

    Merry Christmas to all (traditionally goes from the 24th to the 6th).

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    CAD software Shark Pro v10, Also Aspire v9.0
    CAM Software Aspire v9.0, CamBam v1 beta12
    CNC Machine:
    3D printers: 2 x Prusa MK2S soon to be 2.5's and 1 x mini Delta (180 x 180)
    Work with Solid Surfaces, Acrylics, Woods, Foamboard, PLA, ASA, PMMA
    Work Computer: Lenovo D20, K4000, Tesla C2070, 64GB RAM

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    A roaring hangover
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoff View Post
    dro form my myford lathe all fitted today and working great

    present to my self
    Geoff, would you mind linking (or PMing) the DRO you've bought? I've tried in the past using cheap assemblies with digi-calipers to my ML7, but would prefer something a bit less heath-robinson.

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