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    Well after a couple of negative posts I have shared about when stuff has gone wrong... I thought I'd share some better news.

    The workshop is coming on well, I now have in the garage a range of second hand stuff:

    Denford novamill
    Denford Starturn 8 (with ATC post)
    Hydrovane 5
    some tooling for both (not much, but I get the sense with tooling that you can;t have too much :D )
    Some basic measuring equipment (calipers, surface gauge etc) some new, most 2nd hand

    On the way I have:

    Granite surface block
    improved lights (LED panels -new)
    Metal Bandsaw
    A new workbench (cheap steel one with chip board top - new)

    I have successfully cut on my mill, though it didn't end well, as the air in my super noisy tiny compressor ran out, and it was switched off so as not to wake the dead, and so I managed to knacker another end mill ... hence the hydrovane.

    The lathe is on the floor still, as my garage is a cluttered mess - I am waiting for a friend to remove their box trailer so I get half of it back, then I'll be doing a big clear out, sorting some more wiring/sockets, new LED lights, then I'll place all the equipment.

    I think setting up is going to take a few months, but will be worth it when I have a sorted workshop.

    I have spent loads more than I thought I would, but already have a few people asking me to make parts for them which is great - just need to get set up so I can start to offset some of the costs.

    I'm working on a fogbuster style alternative to flood coolant, and will keep you posted if I manage to get the concept working.

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    Pics would be good.

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    Will do when it's all in place :)

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    We need pics sooner than that Dangle.
    Pics of the real world when things are untidy and messy and even still in boxes gives a far better timeline for reminiscing later on. Personally I follow any workshop build with great interest, but it needs to be warts and all.

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    there are garage warts, and then there is gonorrhea, and no one wants to look at photos of that

  6. Even if you have Garage S&D the guys here want photos - or it didn't happen ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    To inspire warts and all, I do some quick pics and a vid for good measure. Half of my garage has been cleaned, the other half looks like a warzone. Maybe we need a garage / workshop pic appreciation thread :-)

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    So, no vid. It's piss cold outside, so just snapped some pics quick.

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    And finally, my bike needs a clean (and a ride). Very dusty due to the concrete grinding I've been doing outside on Thor.

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    Gonna need a bigger boa... garage!

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