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    Nah, I'm not gonna use it much, I just liked it as an experiment.

    Seller came back to me with this

    sorry friend,we cant open the link you send.
    Friend,would you mind keep the machine?
    We will give you 5GBP as compensation.
    Because it is the Chinese New year now,our technician is on holiday so that we cant let them confirmation in time.
    They will go to work on 6th on February.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Well, this is borderline insulting. I've spent around 400 with them and they'll give me 5 quid compensation for a downright faulty machine? Do I have grounds for a paypal dispute, or this is used when items don't arrive at all etc?

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    You should have support under the distance selling regs - DSR but not sure what best course of action is.

    FWIW there are UK sellers (if you're in the UK of course) - i would use one of them just in case, prices are similar but returns much better.

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    I'm not in the UK but I prefer to shop from UK sellers. They were claiming to be in the UK, package shipped from Germany and they are obviously Chinese. I replied kindly requesting either a full refund or a replacement spindle.

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    Hey guys

    Fed up with the chinese crap really, so i'm looking for alternatives to get rid of it completely. I'm thinking of replacing it with a 1hp 3phase 2 pole induction motor (only ~2kg penalty over the chinese spindle) and have it drive either the spindle i designed earlier, or a ready-made one. I've been given the choice of a 4 bearing precision 8k rpm capable spindle with either an ER32 collet system or an MT2 taper with a drawbar, both at a similar price, good enough to steer me away from risking of building my own. I kind of like the idea of the MT2 taper because it means i could have preset height tools and toolholders and not touch every tool off before each operation. I do fear though that it's going to get constantly stuck, and that i won't be able to find low-runout tools/toolholders in that taper.

    What's your take on this?

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    I would not use MT tapers - they are self locking and can be a bugger to release :)

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