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    in 3-5 days from now

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatias View Post
    in 3-5 days from now
    I assume you can see prices when logged in? No idea what the stuff costs that I am looking at, so may ask for a few options to be checked please.

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    Happy new year! Yes i can see prices. A quick quote gave me around 50 for a ground plate iirc. Send me a pm with the part numbers and i will get you their prices from the site.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Hope I am doing this correctly.

    Plate 1 - L-PNFNN-710-350-30 - This is under this section - EN AW-5052 Equiv. Configurable Aluminum Plates
    Plate 2 - L-PNFNN-485-350-50 - also under Alu.

    Is it possible to get the top plate (Plate 1) pricing in mild steel too please? I need to machine the Plate 2, so will stick with Alu for that.

    I dont strictly need all 6 surfaces milled but it will help with alignment, very curious how nasty the pricing will be. Thanks.

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