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    I saw this Pi CNC Hat V2.58 on eBay and thought it was quite interesting. Maybe a small DIY e3d printer or CD laser etcher .. or small V-carver as well ..not sure but this seems to have all the necessary gumff for a PI CNC ..

    The new version in the pic has an on board built in arduino controller and a 4th axis which is apparently an axis clone.

    Built in IO software and controller software as in the vid below

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not ready to tinker just yet to much on at the moment , but I was thinking about getting one in a few months, so if anyone else was interested I thought I would try a bulk purchase and hopefully bring the price down a bit.. if its only a saving on the $5 P&P. let me know if your interested. I was thinking about getting them sometime in march.
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    I'm interested in having a play with this, might be ready by March too!

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    Build log...here

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