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    SORTED !

    On the BOB DIP switch 4 set on = "Relay 2 is turned ON"

    On Ports and Pins "Output 2" = Port 1 Pin 17

    On Spindle Setup "Disable Mist / Flood Relays" = UNCHECKED, M08 set to "Relay 2"

    In hardware - abandon Relay 3 and use Relay 2 - this I think is the crucial bit as RELAY 3 IS A SPECIAL CASE !!!!!!!!

    So now I can turn on with an M08 and Off with an M09 at will and can presumably also tweak the post processor to do as has been suggested. I think ALL my issues were caused as Relay 3 is a special case on this BOB

    Very many thanks to those whose help and support got me here - much appreciated.

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    Ok what clive said is fine but let me shed some light of how it works.

    On the Board your using Lpt connections which is connector XP21. Pin 14 16 & 17 can be used for the Relays. However each relay can be deactivated using SW3, 4,5 also pin 14 can be used dual purpose. When SW2 is ON pin 14 provide PWM signal. SW2 off and it works like normal Output and turning Relay 3 on/off. Also when used for coolant By the looks if it there's circuit to pulse the relay on/off if required. Suspect you'll just wind Pots full for constant ON.

    So to use any relay First make sure they are turned ON using SW3,4,5. If using Rly3 which uses pin 14 then you need SW2 OFF and set the timer pots so full on all the time.
    Then in Mach3 ports/pins/Outputs/ Enable and Set output numbers #1 =pin 14, #2 = 16 #3 =17
    This will give you full access to all your Relays.

    Now if you want to use Clives approach after setting up in spindle control when command M8 Relay will turn ON Command M9 will turn it off. Try testing this using MDI.

    However if you want more control like for pausing or doing some checks before actually turning on/off. IE Checking Torch is OFF or Axis stopped moving etc then using Macro will give more control.

    This can be done by inserting code into existing macro like M3/M5 or creating your own custom (M) macros and placing reference to that in your G-code. IE: Lets say made two and called M901 M902 G-code look something like this.

    (Start program)
    M901 (activate custom macro which turn fans on using output #2 and switches kettle on using output #3 waits for it to boil by watching input #3)
    M3 (Torch On)
    G1 x345 y34
    etc etc
    M5 (Torch off)
    M902 ( Activate custom macro which Wait 10s and then checks torch is off and axis stopped moving then turn output#2 OFF and puts kettle back on using out#3 and waits untill boiled watching input#3.)

    Ok little extreme with the kettle but possible and gives idea why would use Macro rather than simply using Coolant M codes.

    Hope this helps and clears thing up little.

    Edit: Bugger see your sorted could have saved my poor fingers. . Lol
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