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    Good for you! That's super!

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    So just finished my lovely cup of tea.... It's got me thinking though... perhaps I'll make my Stepper mounting plates Nema 23 and Nema 34 compatible... just a matter of making the plates big enough and tapping a few extra holes... Hmmmm

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    Thats the spirit.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Better still Nema 24 compatible as I can get 3Nm Nema 24s that can perhaps use the same drivers as my larger Nema 34s...
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    23's and 24's are compatible as regards hole sizes. It just the bodies that are bigger.

    Just double checked with a digital vernier as I'm sat here 3D printing covers out for both.

    6 done, 1,234 to go
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    That's handy, thanks! I think JMC do a 3 Nm Nema24 60HSE closed loop hybrid stepper motor... but I'm not sure it will be compatible with the 2HSS86H drivers... The motor specs are quite similar as regards resistance, step angle, etc... only the inductance seems to be lower... any idea if I can use these together?
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    It seems that with a motor with less inductance, the switching frequency will increase as well. This is why each stepper driver system needs to be “tuned” to the motor. If the motor inductance is different, so will its Ldi/dt be different. At the end it is this Ldi/dt which defines the TIME_ON period of the current chopping waveform...

    These dives, being fairly good quality might be capable of running these motors however... time for a message to technical support!

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    It wasn't what I thought it was...

    Suggestion: Ask Dean what motors to get and then bodge it together using those, the existing X Y screws and something clever but temporary on the Z.

    Once it is "working", redesign it because you now have experience and understanding. Plus you have a "working" CNC mill so you can do a really neat job of the conversion.

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    Thanks... it's kinda the plan in fact.

    The initial build will be with the oversize motors that I picked up cheap all direct drive... but I picked up x,y(front mount) and z ballscrews and nuts from ebay for a song too complete with endmachining... all in 110. I'm basing my provisional build around Hoss's design (well known in a certain US CNC forum). When it's working and I've got my head round the drives, controller software combination then I want to make a steel frame CNC router, 'cos I've got a nice MIG and loads of free steel as well as a more permanent, rear y motor mount direct drive setup for the Warco probably with smaller motors! Shhh though don't tell anyone about the reduced size motors in the final phase!
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    So I went ahead and ordered the UC300ETH as well as their BOB HDBB2 and UCC software... Not the cheapest solution but after a bit of research probably about as good as anything else... and made in Europe... the same Europe that we are leaving... so that we can't trade with easily anymore... whose idea was that!

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