Yea bro,got me a build thread. I'm not Normal I'm a wingitoutsidetheboxman aka Crazy.
It's served me well not going to technical with any of my creations,project or ideas.

So far i have a UGLY reasonably accurate machine,
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lots of tweaking to do.
Using some 17's 1Amp with the most newton force i could find.
For the reason of them being cheaper than the larger size and i need to see it work to understand it (how my head works).Upgrades will come later better stepper drivers and motors.

I'm currently using some ball screws, as never wanted to use belt but wanted to use chain but hard to find sizes i wanted for the 17's.

Currently cutting 12mm Ply for testing.

Will be upgrading my machine as I go.

As for danger YES it's always good to mention it! But i'm quite aware that a computer guided ROUTER doesn't care if its wood or a HAND! But for those who aren't A ROUTER guided by a motor Will Not Stop if hits your soft easy to chew hand/finger or other body part. LOL

I'm cool with harsh if you state why (no point being a dick), BANTER is all good fun and welcomed.