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    Thank you! So far everything is working well.

    The only problem I had with this quick tool change was that on one occasion the tool holder started to slip out as I cut with an 8mm endmill. The Bellevilles had been tighten by two full turns of the drawbar (after finger tightening) and it seems that the tool wasn't getting enough grip by the collet. So I increased the Belleville tightening to just over 3 turns of the drawbar, and now it seems to be gripping properly. These things always need a little fine tuning...


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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    And pictures, we like pictures 😁

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    Old thread I know, Edward, what did you do re. Spindle speed control?, or have you left it manual?

    Iím half way through my SX2.7 conversion with many thanks to this thread

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    Hi Edward do you have a set of plans available as sx2.7 conversion kits are not available in UK mostly USA I have not seen any plans floating about on internet yet it would be wonderful if you could supply plans in pdf format or even better dfx if you can to help others

    Thanks Andrew

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