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  1. Yes, But what is not seen on photo as i recently adjusted switches was, that it extends and envelopes the switch so only led is visible.

    Tape is very easy to use. And fast.
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    OK - so extending the shielding over the plastic components that are otherwise not protected. I can see your point now!


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    Banana plugs - I kind of passed on these as they are un-latched and thus vibration sensitive, but hadn't thought of detaching from the plate end rather than the control box end. Mmmm, more thoughts to go into the melting pot.....


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    Tape is very easy to use. And fast.
    And ugly and not good with coolant etc

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    My touchplate plugs into a small plastic box bolted to the frame in an easy-to-reach but out of harm's way position. That's wired back to the control box where it connects with a GX16 captive connector. The box has a 3.5mm jack socket where the touchplate wire plugs in (with matching 3.5mm plug, obviously). Quick and easy to connect, reasonably vibration-proof. Wouldn't use jack plug for, say, limit switches but for something regularly connected/disconnected, seems ok. Very easy to check connection just by touching plate to anything earthed and watching Mach3 screen "led".
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    And ugly and not good with coolant etc
    Ugly maybe, but once you do it, its impossible to unpack it, you have to cut the tape.Coolant is no problem.
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