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    OK guys

    I have an update I am told I need the following
    Well the L5-203 will power the first motor and these cost £300+£60 for the ON/OFF, REV/FWD and SPEED POD and the second motor will need the D2-401 and these cost £300 and a POD with REV/OFF/FWD and SPEED is £50 if needed,
    I have found a link for one of the items

    Just wanted to update you guys as you have been good enough to help me here!



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    You may find it cheaper to get the motor rewound (just google "motor rewinding" for somewhere local) and use a more standard VFD. e.g. one of the common Chinese brand:

    Or something second hand from a good brand (e.g. Siemens, ABB, Parker). Unless you are unlucky, the Chinese one will last a long time as you're running somewhat less that its power rating.

    The VFDs which accept 240V and output 415V seem expensive for what they are. It's tempting to copy the idea ... or just use a 415V VFD from a suitable DC supply (sometimes works).
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