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    Hello there,

    I have been for the past 6 months going back an forth (through online research) whether to start my own CNC build or just buy a kit and have it assembled. Just to give an insight on what I would require this; I would be cutting mainly 4'x8' plywood sheets. Im own and manage a design firm related to architecture mainly but we have recently shifted some of our design to furniture and the CNC would be really beneficial for conceptual furniture development.

    After months of research and compiling of information and documentation ive decided thats best thing is to get a kit mainly due to fact that I have very limited time to spare in my workshop so my fear of buying things and leaving at half project coupled with the fact that many DIY build often need tweaking and setting up there and then that I would end up spending more time with the machine rather than producing something with it. This leveraged my decision to buy a kit.

    I am confident that I should be able to carry out a DIY build as I have some basic workshop skills such as welding/wood fabrication, but still I do not have time for it. I cannot describe the level of knowledge.

    So this bring me to my question. Are there any kits which one would recommend which obviously do not break the bank (<6/8k euro) similar to this one being listed below that is available in the EU? thus I would save up on shipping costs being located in Malta? Ive seen damencnc but their kits are sky high!



    Thanks in advance

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    I have not seen anything worth putting together, sold as kit.

    To the frame you should add also the motors and electronics and it becomes very expensive for what it is plus the time to build it.

    The available options for you that i see are:

    1.Find used machine in good shape

    -could be poorly executed if DIY and have inherent problems
    -very very heavy, needs more money to change electronics and repair sth, enormous power consumption, and most of all very expensive to load and ship all- if industrial one

    2. Buy plans and off load the rough building job to a local metal shop

    Mehh, i have not seen really good plans on internet.

    3. Post in relevant section and give job to sb from forum to make it for you.

    4. mixture of 2 and 3, where you order Z, gantry and major critical elements like rotating nuts made and you make locally the frame.

    I personally can make 2,3 or 4 happen for you, including support till you start cutting chips and after. PM me for details or post a freelance request. Dean/ JazzCNC/ builds machines in UK. May be some other forum members too.

    You could also buy a Chinese machine also for that money but i dont think its a wise decision in the long run.
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