I am currently building a linear Tig welding system and require some help (a lot of help) with programming the control system I have installed MACH3 and would like to use this as the base control but I have no idea how to program it.
I am looking for a programmer capable of writing the program in MACH3 or what ever program is required to run logical and conditional operations.
Basic design
TIG welding torch mounted on a 5m linear beam which is to travel inside a tube and weld overlay from one end to the other. The tube will be rotating and the weld will be a spiral finish i.e the tube will rotate 363 degs then step over (linear movement of the torch) by a user entered amount 1mm to 5mm. I think that's the easy bit but at any point in the cycle we need to be able to extract the beam and return to the exact point it left off at.
There are a few more bits that it needs to do but I would need a bit more in depth description.
If anyone can help we a prepared to pay for any assistance that can be offered but we are a bit desperate time wise and need to get something running as soon as possible.
We are based in Chesterfield if that makes any difference and I can email you the details of all the control electronics and motors being used.
Many thanks in advance.