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    SKIPPED IT ???????

    It was alright 'till you dropped it .

    hopefully John's not wearing his glass's and can't read this, been trying to get rid of that piece of crap for ages.....

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    hopefully John's not wearing his glass's and can't read this, been trying to get rid of that piece of crap for ages.....

    Probably can now

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    Someone I know is in for a smack with my white stick.

    John S -

  4. Hi Steve, i was looking at your build and must say A1 on the machining front as regards to the aluminum! how did you cut the two sides out of what looks to me like 3/4" or 20mm aluminum plate?

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    Steve's on holiday for a fortnight so can't answer but being a true mate and to stop the bastard lying thru his teeth I can tell you he didn't cut them, I did.

    At the time Steve didn't have a working machine, a bit of chicken and egg situation, no sides, no machine but need to machine sides etc.
    Steve did the drawings and supplied the material.

    I ignored his drawings and did it how I wanted Musta been a fluke but it worked out OK.

    John S -

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  7. Ahh right well i must say you made a good job then :D im in the process of making a machine, but on a slightly larger scale ( 6x4ft ) mainly out of alloy but the bench is good old wood! i just need to machine the sides out but can see them being a right arse ache as they are 20mm thick and around 305 x 750mm. i was thinking of either making a undersize template in wood and using a router with a small end mill and do it manually or i was goin draw them up in CAD n tackle some engineering place but i dunna want shell out too much on getting the damn things cut out!

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    Just squeeze 305 x 750 on the Beaver I reckon, have to check the 750 bit later.

    John S -

  9. oh righty!, Beaver eh? ill have to think of a name for mine when its finished! :)

    Cheers for that anyways john!

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    I might be on holiday but I'm still here!

    I can confirm that John has a really nice big beaver and he knows how to use it, did a great job for me and can highly recommend him.

    If he can't fit your job on then it should just fit on mine, so one of us should be able to sort you out.

  11. Well thanks a million guys i dont live that far from you, good old sunny stoke! as for your beavers i would love to see them in action ;)

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