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    Hi to all,

    My quiestion concerns Schneider Electric Altivar 12 frequency regulator.
    I must configure an ATV12HU22M2 drive for PID control of an asynchronous motor
    (2.2 kW, 50 Hz). My task is to configure the ATV12 drive so that to maintain
    a preset speed/frequency, independently from the motor load (current),
    using the motor current as a feedback, connected to AI1 analog input
    (via current transformer + current transmitter). My initial intention is to use
    the Jog Dial to manually set the desired frequency reference (motor speed).
    So, my first question - is it possible, at all, to set the speed reference, in Hertz (!),
    by Gog Dial (for example - 48 Hz) ?
    I have SoMove software installed and Altivar 12 User Manual. But, I'm afraid,
    I cannot, by now, to find out the right drive configuration.
    At this moment, for the simplicity purposes, I have wired a potentiometer,
    for a voltage feedback, to AI1 input. Here are the essential parameters (as to me)
    I have set: CFG = PID
    AI1t = 5 V
    CHCF = SEP
    PIC = YES
    PIM = AIV1
    LSP = 40 Hz (just for the test purposes)
    HSP = 50 Hz
    Then I rotate the jog dial, through the whole range 0-100 (which is % of WHAT ?),
    as well as the potentiometer and see what happens.
    The result is definitelly not what I want and need to see.
    The output frequency oscillates between the two values - LSP and HSP,
    according to the (Jog dial - potentiometer) combination.

    So, I weel greatly appriciate any suggestions how to (re)configure the ATV12 drive
    in order to set the speed by jog dial and maintain it.
    Many thanks in advance !
    Best regards,
    Sofia, Bulgaria

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    To have the Reference Mode rEF set to frequency instead of the percentage of it, you must set the following:

    In Control menu set Fr1 to LCC, FLO to L1H and FLOC to LCC

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    Hi paulus.v,
    Thank you very much for your attention and fast response.
    I immediately changed these 3 parameters: Fr1, FLO and FLOC (and not changing anything else).
    But the result was not as I expected: the display changed from "rdY" to "nSt" and when I wired
    LI1 input to +24V (meaning to start the motor), "SFL3" (="HMI communication") error message appeared.
    The motor, off course, didn't start. Probably my actions were wrong ?
    Any other suggestions ?
    Best regards !

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    Try these:
    in Control menu CtL- CHCF set to SEP and then the Cd1 to LOC

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    Hi paulus.v,

    Thank you, again, for your new suggestion.
    I'l try it, on Monday (I have just open your reply, today - Saturday), because I'm at home now.
    My CHCF IS set to SEP, now.As to Cd1, it must be either tEr or LOC, I'm not sure.
    On Monday I'l check it and change it, if necessary.

    Best regards !

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