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    In theory, not sure if it's possible in uk or dk, you can build a very strong and capable CNC with under 100 by hunting for components in scrap metal yards. You can find good rails, ballscrews, steppers, even servos, sensors, relays, cables, material for the frame, everything, sometimes at the cost of scrap-iron (0.10?).
    Ye and Only if the Scrap Dealer is an Idiot and I don't know many Idiot or poor Scrap dealers.!! . . . . They know exactly the price of raw materials and won't sell you Motor full of Copper for 0.10 or Even 1

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    Jesper I'll say it again just so you cannot say we didn't make it clear.!! . . . . The machine you describe CANNOT and I Repeat CANNOT be built for 500, not even close to 500.

    I urge you to Listen and take advantage of MY experience. Over the years I've helped 100's of people like you who think CNC can be done on the Cheap and failed.! . .It Cannot.
    Many of those helped where not Muppets but with skill sets ranging from road sweeper to Software and Electrical engineers in defense industry(Missle technician) so just because your in eletrical business doesn't follow you'll get this CNC business correct.!

    Building a good reliable machine is more about knowing what NOT to buy than what will actually make it work. It's not just case of Sticking some motors on stepper drives and throwing power at it. Yes this will make it move but if components are not matched or inferior quality you'll always struggle and be dissapointed with the results.! . . And this is just the electrical side.

    Again I'm urging you to Listen and go do lot more research before buying a single component. Not all is what it appears when comes to CNC just has your comment about Gecko G540 drive being better than Chinese offerings shows.? . . Once upon time maybe but not anymore.!

    Good Luck:

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    Hi All,

    I have read your comments and I will have to consider what to do. And although I - as you undoubtedly have noticed - had hoped that your replies would go in a different direction I nevertheless appreciate your considering & replying to this thread.

    I also hope that you will let me know should you by any chance come across something that goes in the direction I've described (although it seems only remotely possible) ...

    paulus.v. you have PM.

    Cheers to you ;-)


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