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    Good afternoon All,

    I'm having a clear out and have decided to sell some stuff that I've got kicking about.

    1) Anilam Crusader II L CNC Controller

    In working condition and complete with operator manual. I also have the connection looms which you are welcome to also. I don't have a schematic or wiring diagram however there seems to be some stuff on the internet.

    2) 3Kw Spindle motor - 3Phase. Removed from a Harrison M300 lathe.

    3) 2 x Norwin Servo Drives and mounting board. The drives themselves are the 2120 versions.

    4) Various transformers. I have the following used transformers if anyone is interested: I will update and add images soon

    Please drop me a PM if you are interested in anything. Thanks.

    Some Pictures here: https://goo.gl/photos/kbECZKxHY4RSzCLq7
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