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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazeUK View Post
    So mach3 is set up (a friend of mine had a spare licence from one of his projects).

    But i cant seem to get the machine to work :S
    If you don't have someone to help you to configure mach3 for your machine and teach you how to use it, the best way is to read the documentation first. No big deal, only 150 pages.

    edit: I recommend installing unmodified Windows XP 32bit, without any service packs installed afterwards (XP with integrated SP2 original release worked for me flawless), windows update disabled, do not install unnecessary drivers and software.
    Gerry could advise you better on how to optimise windows for a good parallel port communication.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulus.v View Post
    Ethernet motion controller on a belt driven CNC with a Kress router? Isn't it a bit overkill? Of course you recommended the best price/value controllers but if this router had been mine, the first upgrade would have been ballscrews, not a fancy industrial grade motion controller. And the second, the spindle and still happy with the old printer port
    This the difference between you and me.!! . . . . . I wouldn't waste my time trying to upgrade in first place but he didn't ask me that question did he.!!

    In any case not really overkill because he'll be needing this for second machine when he finally accepts and realises he's wasting his time trying to make silk purse out of sows ear.!! . . . . Time you folks started smelling the roses and accepting the fact the Parallel port is dead.!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    the Parallel port is dead.!
    I'm hoping that by the time it stops kicking so will the PC based controller and the stand alone control boxes will have sufficiently matured :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicniner View Post
    I'm hoping that by the time it stops kicking so will the PC based controller and the stand alone control boxes will have sufficiently matured :D
    You and me both.!! . . . But I'm not holding my breath.

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    At the time when i wrote that, it was just Mach3. Then i managed to work out all the pins by trial and error.

    It worked really well. Since then i tried to calibrate via settings Alt6. I hit the reset button in there, it now doesn't do anything :S - Well i hear the Control board click every now and again.

    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    My preference would be from Cslabs but not cheap depending on if you need slaved motors or not. However the UC300ETH would be my second choice provided it's connected to good breakout board that can provide 24V I/O.

    When you say Mach is setup do you mean it's just been installed or you have set it up with all the correct pin numbers etc.
    Just installing mach3 won't make the mach work. To work you need to tell mach3 where to look for incoming signals and where to send out going signals. To do this you'll need some info about how the machine is wired. This is known as the I/O system (input/Output) and if set wrong machine won't do anything.

    If you don't know which pins are connected to what and can't get the info then you'll need to take very detailed pics and post so we can work out what hardware you have and whats going to where.

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    Yes i am
    Quote Originally Posted by Ger21 View Post
    Are you running a 32 bit operating system?

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