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    Hey Guys.
    So i decided i couldnt sleep, so spent the night trying to sort out the home and limit switches.

    If i understood this right:
    THere will be 4 Separate inputs to the driver board.
    1. X Home (Currently not connected / Off in mach 3)
    2. Y Home (Currently not connected / Off in mach 3)
    3. Z Home (Currently not connected / Off in mach 3)
    4. X, Y, Z in series, with an emergency Stop added in series later. All set to CLosed, until tripped. (Connected / Pin 15 mach 3 - Tested with multimeter to open circuit.)

    I have found that Mach3 emerngency stops every few seconds when i have Active Set to low for pin 15.

    Also in the Port 1 Pin Status lights i have the following:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When i push one of the limit switches, The marked one lights up (i presume this is telling me the pins dropped).

    Any help?


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    Just an update,

    I have now set the home switches up in Mach 3.
    They seem to work fine. - Quite impressed with my self lol

    I do however have a problem, the Limit switches keep triggering an emergency stop.
    I have set the State ti both low and high and tried it.

    Could it be faulty switches?

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    What type of limit switches are you using? How have you connected them, and what BOB are you using? Need a bit more info before we all start guessing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    What type of limit switches are you using? How have you connected them, and what BOB are you using? Need a bit more info before we all start guessing!
    Hey. Thanks for your response.

    The current ones set up are micro switches most are the 2cm ones.. I presume because of the size of the machine it doesn't require much more.

    I am tempted to replace all of them with new ones.

    All (including home and limit) are set up as always closed.

    I am pretty sure the wiring for the limit ones (in series) is all checked through and is in series (was a bit messy when I got it) I've have tested it with a multimeter, and the resistance drops to infinity when I hit one.

    The board is a CNC4X45A. Like the one attached:

    I fiddled around with the pin numbers, the home switches are 10-12. The eStop is 15.
    All are set to Low active.


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