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    Hey guys, been a while. I decided to swap out the Edding CNC for a CSLABS unit. Not that I had anything against Bert at Eding, in fact I can't not recommend his services enough! After sales are amazing!!

    Anyway I'm looking for a little help controlling the spindle speed and on and off signal wording for the above controller, can anyone help with a diagram?

    Here's the unit all wired in

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    Nicely done.
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    Cheers Ger

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    Cheers Ian, yeah it does however, do you know what terminals I connect to on the VFD?
    Unless I'm missing it on the drawing (on a phone)

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    If you zoom in on the picture it shows the terminals on the vfd for forward, reverse and a reset if you need it. DCM and FOR for forward rotation and DCM and REV for reverse rotation. The signals from DCM to terminals FOR and REV are switched via relay NO contacts.

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    Sorry zooming in and trying to find things. I now see it, cheers for that I will give it a pop tomorrow

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    The info for setting in the cslabs plugin is also there and the info for parameters to be set on the vfd.

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    Yeah I've found them. When you say plugin, you mean there is a plugin for CSMIO-IP A to install also?

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    Yes, you will need the cslabs plugin as well. Its on the cslabs controllers download page.

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