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    can anyone please tell me step by step the settings I need in Mach to control the spindle speed. The machine takes no notice of the Speed in the program and goes straight up to max 4000 rpm.
    Thanks to the good people on this forum, apart from the spindle issue, my new machine is now up and running !

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    I had this exact issue bud, m3 sxxx had no effect apart from it ramping upto max rpm like a banshee.
    I had to rewire between the invertor and motor control board, I sketched it all out , I'll find the link out as I posted the fix.
    Not saying it's exactly the same but worth looking into

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    Cheers thanks very much that would be very helpful

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    Kev, this was my thread over on the artsoft (mach3) forum :
    Correct Mach settings for Smooth Stepper ??


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    Try that link...

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    Kev - did you sort this in the end ??

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